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Alicia Snell introduces you to her world. Through the information found on this site she provides you the opportunity to take control of your life and transform into your true self.

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Welcome to Alicia Snell - Weeks To Wellness Program. If this is your first visit to this site, take your time to meet Alicia by watching her video on the left and scroll through the menu above. Part of this is a pay membership site but we are giving away the first 2 Weeks for free so you can learn if Alicia's teaching methods are right for you. Once you register for free (top right) we give you Week 3. During the initial launch of this site we are offering two membership types – a 1 Year and a Lifetime Membership. Purchase your Membership today and begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Alicia is here to help!

Bonus Offer: With the purchase of a lifetime membership you will receive Alicia’s Audio Book: From 328 Pounds To The Boston Marathon: Me Minus 173. A sample of her book is below.

Weeks To Wellness

Here you will find everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle. The information is separated into weekly bites. Like chapters in a book but this book is alive and continues to grow indefinitely. We strongly recommend that you move through them chronologically but once you are a member of this community you are free to skip ahead and go back as you please. Each week is broken into 5 sections. Alicia opens with a quote and then goes onto a musing involving her personal journey. From there you receive nutritional guidance and a recipe from her cookbook that you are free to print. She closes with an educational perspective on the week’s fitness. No stress. This is definitely "go at your own pace"; however, if you stick with it you will have the chance to live some amazing results. Good luck!

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On Going Events in the GTA

*Core Class                         

Thursday 7:30-8:30 PM

*Nordixx Pole Walking - Master Instructor

*Personal Training                                      Private Bookings Available

*Nutritional Consultation                          Private Bookings Available

*Running Coach                                          Private Bookings Available

Motivational Speaking

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING: As a result of the profound changes in her life, Alicia is sought after as a guest speaker. She delights in sharing her experiences so others can perceive that they, too, can live a healthy lifestyle. She understands intrinsically the challenges that individuals with weight issues must cope with, and speaks to these issues in an empathetic, encouraging manner. She offers her audience the most important key to change. Imagine - Believe - Connect. 


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