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"Alicia Snell is living proof of the ability of people to change their lives for the better, and profoundly.
Her story is one of the most fascinating, touching and motivating that I've encountered.
I'm lucky to call Alicia my friend, and happy to recommend her wonderful book.”
-Lawrence Hill, Author

“Thanks for such a great experience. It’s really changed my whole outlook.”
Bruce, clinic participant
“Again, thanks for your smile, your honesty, and all the laughs! Love ya.”
Hans, clinic participant
“Thank you for your time, your knowledge, and most of all, your spirit.”
clinic participants
“Today I watched your interviews and heard your story. What an amazing woman you are.
What a positive role model for so many, most of all your son. Thank you for having the courage to share your journey, and the conviction to realize your dream. I’m waiting for your book – a bible of inspiration I’m sure.
Thank you again for reminding me that I have the power to change my life for the better.”
Judy R, May 30, 2002
“Thank you for taking me from my first steps to the present.”
Lou, clinic participant
“I just wanted to thank you for all your inspirational words and confidence.
This time a year ago I never thought I would ever be able to run again where it would actually be fun.
I can’t thank you enough for all you did. A lot of what you’ve taught me I will take with me and pass on to others.”
Cindy, clinic participant
“There are very few individuals who have totally changed a negative fitness lifestyle
into a totally positive one. Alicia tells you how she did it.”
-Jeff Galloway, Olympic Athlete, Author
“When Alicia was losing weight, she invited me to be at the finish line of her first half marathon. I had no idea how much being at that event was going to change my life. Up until then, running was something I had done out of necessity to maintain fitness and under
no circumstances did I ever exceed 30 minutes at a time. Running was boring, unpleasant and lonely. So here was my dear friend running 13.1 miles. I was totally amazed. If she had said she was going to fly to the moon, I couldn’t have been more stunned.
And at the end, I almost missed her – I was watching a very tall, lean woman pushing hard for the finish line. Just as she
sped past me I realized, “Oh my God, that was Alicia!” She had lost even more weight since the last time
I had seen her, she looked like a runner and I had never seen her face with that raw expression;
she had become a different person.
Now we talk a lot about running because, yes, Alicia had inspired me and I joined a running group and I have become a runner, too. Alicia has always been passionate, energetic, a great cook, a wonderful singer, a good friend. Yes, she has transformed her
lifestyle, which has transformed her appearance, but it’s almost as if she has shed what she didn’t need, so now
everyone can see the beautiful person she has always been.”
-Nancy Boake, Assistant to the President, Canadian Tire Foundation For Families
“Please continue to be the inspiration that you have been to me and everyone else you touch.
Your strength and encouragement is appreciated by all”
-Diane, January 2004
“Thank you. You’ve made a difference in my life”
-Lesley, personal training client
“Thank you so very much for inspiring all of us and for making this such a truly rewarding experience that I will never forget”
-Eileen, running clinic participant, November 2005
“…I’ve learned so much from you…..Thank you for making some of my dreams come true and helping me to believe in myself to set bigger goals and dreams. You are the most giving person I know. Thank you for everything.”
-Emma, running clinic participant, October 2003
“I REALLY enjoyed your core stability class – it was great…..I have ignored my core for a very long time and this is going to help me tremendously. I would recommend your classes to anyone. They are very informative and a lot of fun.”
-Diane, June 25, 2003
“Thanks for everything Alicia. I have really enjoyed Monday evenings for the past 3 months. It was a difficult time for me on a personal level, but your great sense of humour, inspiration and motivation were a great help. Thanks for helping me realize my goal….I couldn’t have done it without you!”
-Cheryl, running clinic participant
“On October 4, 2001, the day before my 35th birthday, I joined a clinic Alicia was teaching.
I was 110 pounds overweight and really intimidated as to what I was about to get into.
Throughout the course Alicia recounted her successes and some of the challenges she faced while running.
I’ll never forget the day she explained that a person who is overweight needs a lot more energy to run up a hill than someone who isn’t. Empathy is much more comforting and encouraging than sympathy.
I’m now running with the half-marathon group. I’ve lost 80 of the 110 extra pounds and never felt more alive.
I never had to visualize what it was like to be fit and energetic. I saw it for myself
every Monday and Wednesday night when I caught up with Alicia, leading by example.”
-Susan, clinic participant and runner
“Thank you again for a great motivating evening! I have amazing feedback that you were very motivating and an intense speaker. A few women that attended (your speech) have never been to the Fitness Centre and I have heard from them and they are ready to start which is amazing! .... We are hoping to have you back again in the next year too!”
-Jennifer Stevenson, The Oakville Club, November 10, 2004
“I ran the Terry Fox 10k last Sunday, clutching a towel that Alicia gave me 20 years ago. It worked as a talisman as I chugged along, chanting: 'If Alicia can do this, I can do this. If Alicia can lose weight, I can lose weight. If Alicia can run marathons, I can bloody well get up this hill!“
-Sharon Jennings, children’s author, freelance writer
“Alicia has helped me by encouraging me to overcome any obstacles. I have improved my running and my life through her own personal example of overcoming previous challenging situations in her life and coming through better than ever.
She has helped me become excited about running The Boston Marathon next April through her
anecdotes and answers to my many questions about the whole Boston experience.
Alicia has reinforced a notion from which I have strayed many times, which is to avoid the temptations of the "pleasures of the mouth", and to treat my body with respect by nourishing it with the proper food that it needs.
She has also emphasized the concept that self-discipline has its rewards with her hard work at running and lifting weights.
And she has done this in a way that makes all of this hard work fun to do. Her energy in teaching
so many running clinics is also an inspiration.”
-John Graffi, Technical Analyst, Pilot Insurance Company
"Perhaps the most amazing part of Alicia's journey is her qualifying for the elite Boston Marathon. Those familiar with the event know how tough it is to qualify for a spot. Many life-long runners may never qualify. Can you imagine your reaction if a 328 lb. woman announced to you 'in two and a half years, I will qualify for Boston.' Most people would congratulate her on her great ambition and wait for an opportunity to roll their eyes. Now imagine your jaw drop when, two and a half years later, that same person, 173 lbs lighter, showed you her Finisher's Medal from the most prestigious event in North American road running."
-Scott Meyers, Area Manager, Toronto West Region, Running Room Ltd
“From running clinics to core training to personal training, Alicia has been
a great influence for me to transform my own lifestyle. She truly cares about
my successes and works with me to get through my trying times. I can always
count on Alicia to be there for support.”
-Tim Barnaby, Purchasing Agent
“On behalf of the associates of Hbc, Zellers and the Bay, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your inspirational talk! For many, this will be their first race event experience. Your enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge has provided our 9 corporate relay teams with the foundation and know-how they will need to fully benefit from this event. Since your talk, many of our associates have been encouraged to take the next step and are inquiring about an in-house running clinic! Thank you Alicia for sharing your story and helping to motivate others.”
-Diane Gordon, Director of Community Investment, Hudson's Bay Company
“Thank you for the inspirational speech at our Wellness Night. You spoke with passion and from the heart. Great job.”
-Alf and Lisa Warll, Financial Strategies, Miles Santo & Ass. Inc.
“On Saturday September 26 I ran 5K. A major accomplishment for me considering that four months ago I was in the worst physical shape of my life. I was overweight, tired and lacked energy. I lacked the discipline to get healthy on my own.

An article in the local paper about Transformation and Alicia Snell's personal weight loss and fitness success prompted me to give her a call to see if she could help me get fit. I hired Alicia as my personal trainer and began working with her at the end of May 2003. After listening to my story, she developed a personal fitness plan for me that consisted of run/walking and strengthening exercises that I could do at home. Her objective was to bring me along at a slow but steady pace that would help ensure that I would reach my personal goals. To my surprise, I could handle the program and week after week I got stronger, ran longer and improved my health. Next week I am running in the 5k Run for the Cure.

I owe my success to Alicia. She coached and encouraged me every step of the way. Alicia is an excellent motivator and has the ability to get you to reach your physical potential. She uses her in-depth knowledge of the body, muscle groups and nutrition to teach you how to combine proper exercise and eating to get maximum benefits from your program. Unlike other trainers I know, Alicia has a unique ability to work with her clients to understand and help them meet their specific needs. Today I am 25 pounds lighter, have loads of energy and I can't remember the last time I lay on the couch. All thanks to Alicia!”
-Lesley Taylor, Public Affairs Manager – Ontario, Shell Canada Ltd.
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