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Quote Of The Week
Week 6

“The person I was, who ate those high fat foods, would never have been able to run the Boston Marathon. My life would not be filled with challenge and reward, but rather, isolated moments of eating pleasure that would in the end leave me chronically fatigued at the end of a day spent mostly sitting" -Alicia Snell


Alicia's Musing


Commitment to your choice is the deciding factor to your success. You start by imagining, start to believe maybe you can, but if you don’t have a plan, it ain’t going to fly! 

When I decided to get off the diet carrousel, I looked at my diet and realized I was eating high fat, highly processed foods, with loads of simple sugar. And I wasn’t moving much. So, I made a plan to change those things. I had to make time to cook in a different way, and exercise. Other things didn’t get done, but that was okay because my priority shifted and now eating well and exercising was at the top of my "to do" list, not the bottom. Each time I had a new dream – running the Boston Marathon, writing a book, becoming a personal trainer - I made a plan. 

It sounds simplistic, but, for the most part, life is a series of choices. You choose your career, your partner, whether to have children, own or rent. You also choose your fitness level and your weight. I weighed 328 pounds because of the choices I made. 

Now I have a new plan, Stan.  How about you?

COMMIT To Your Goal


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