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Quote Of The Week
Week 8

“You’d better accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don’t mess with Mr. In Between” –Cole Porter


Alicia's Musing


We all have had "one of those days". Totally normal, right? But what if you feel down about your job, relationships, and your life in general? 

We do have some options to consider if we are in that kind of space. We can either stay frozen and be miserable, or we can try to understand why we are there and how we can move forward into a more peaceful zone.

The summer before I decided to get healthy, I was in a funk. Nothing made me happy. I felt like I was living in a grey twilight and this didn’t make sense to me. I had money, a job, a nice family and a house. But it just wasn’t working for me. I felt locked by my inertia and unhappiness.

What changed that? I knew I needed to look at my life in a new way because status quo wasn’t working. So, I changed my attitude. "No" - my stock answer to everything became: "Ok, I’ll try it". And it was this change in attitude that blew open the windows of change and lead to opportunity and growth beyond my wildest dreams.

Remember the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey? He was that type of character, someone who always said "no"; he felt he was just being realistic. Through a wish that his son made on his birthday, Jim Carrey began saying "Yes" to everything. At first, he was saying it against his will and this threw his life into an uproar. As the movie progressed, he came to realize the power of this word. He did all kinds of things out of his normal scope of comfort. His life ended up better in every way.

The first time I ever ran 10 kilometres all I could think about was quitting and going home to eat donuts. Defeating this negativity made crossing the finish line that much sweeter (even without the donuts!). When a friend of mine suggested I meet Larry (my friend Lawrence Hill) because he could perhaps help me write a book about my story, my first thought was "I’m not a writer, forget it!" But I did meet Larry, and he did mentor me, and I have an accomplishment that has changed my life, and made me proud of myself for even trying it.

My new attitude has enabled me to scale new walls. By thinking in a new way I try to understand myself better instead of judging myself, which used to leave me feeling helpless and hopeless. And by surrounding myself with like minded people, I have support in my new world of "Yup, let’s give it a try!"

Recently, I started working with a client who was in such pain with her back that walking was a challenge. Every day she awoke to agony. She had been to see three professionals, but the pain was not lessening and her condition not improving. I know of a chiropractor that is terrific, but his practice is about 40 kilometres away from her residence. She could easily have said it was too far but she didn’t. She happily drove the distance. After three treatments her pain lessened by about 50%; several treatments more left her pain free, and able to return to exercising.

As Patti Labelle once sang: “I’m feeling good from my head to my shoes/Know where I’m going and I know what to do/I tidied up my point of view/I got a new attitude”. In my opening quotation, Cole Porter sang the same message about  a century earlier. Seems like songwriters understand the power of positive thinking. 

I sure do.

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