Monday, October 26, 2020

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STOP! Don't get ahead of yourself. As you progress through the weeks you will find yourself going through a mind & body transformation. Once you become a 1 Year ($29) or Lifetime ($49) Member, all the Weeks To Wellness to date will be available to you and you can continue your journey. Alicia took 64 weeks to lose 173lbs and become the woman she is today. How many weeks will be right for you?



Weeks To Wellness Lifetime Membership



Weeks To Wellness: Lifetime Membership

This is your opportunity to become a Lifetime Member of the - Weeks To Wellness community. During the beta version of this site, membership is being offered at an extremely low price. Become a member today and learn from Alicia exactly how she lost 173 lbs and how you can achieve your weight loss goals too. What's more, Lifetime Members also enjoy all the valuable features being added to this site in the coming months at no additional cost.

Bonus Offer: Purchase a Lifetime Membership and receive Alicia's NEW Audio Book From 328 Pounds To The Boston Marathon: Me Minus 173 for free!



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